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Featured Black & White Fine Prints


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In recognition of our client patronage we provide free images and product discounts to active clients. Free images are always available to active account holders while Promotions and Flash Sales are typically on for a limited time. Check in often to make sure you don’t miss out. Shop now to activate an account and take advantage of our free images and flash sales.


Full Color or Black & White Prints

Fine Color Prints

Our color fine prints are 16”x20” museum quality archival Giclée prints. Our strict quality control insures faithfully color matching to the original image.

We ship worldwide and orders ship flat in 5 to 8 days. Actual delivery time will vary depending on selected shipping method and destination.

Fine Black & White Prints

Our B&W fine prints are 16”x20” and are available as Giclée or silver halide prints. Both types are museum quality archival prints but Giclée prints offer a more affordable option if you don’t require a traditional silver halide print.

We ship worldwide and orders ship flat in 5 to 10 days depending on the print type selected. Actual delivery time will vary depending on selected shipping method and destination.

Seven Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get free images and access to client promotions?2019-01-29T23:37:10+00:00

Free images and other client benefits are available to all clients that have active accounts.

How do I activate an account to get client benefits?2019-01-29T23:32:37+00:00

If you don’t have an account, no worries, accounts are automatically created and activated as part of the purchasing process. After adding the items you wish to purchase to the cart, you will be able to add free images and promotional items to your first transaction. All accounts remain active for a period of six months after a purchase.

What do I do if my active account has expired?2019-01-31T05:36:11+00:00

If you haven’t made a purchase for over six months and your account has expired, no problem, you will be able to create a new active account the next time you make a purchase.

What can I use free images for and are there any restrictions?2019-01-31T05:49:27+00:00

Free images carry a Creative Commons license. This means that in most cases you can use the image commercially as long as it is correctly credited. Before you use free images, please make sure you read the details of our Creative Commons license on our Terms & Conditions page,

What is a Creative Commons license?2019-01-31T05:50:56+00:00

A Creative Commons license allows the use of copyrighted materials for commercial use without having to pay a fee. There are various types of Creative Commons licenses and some have more restrictions than other. Before using our free images please review our Terms & Conditions page to make sure that your intended use is not in conflict with our terms.

What kind of usage license are available for purchased images?2019-01-31T05:52:15+00:00

Purchase images are available with either a standard license or an extended license. The extended license has less restrictions for commercial use. You can review the details of our various licenses as well as our terms and conditions on our Terms & Conditions page.

How do I contact FefPix?2019-01-31T05:53:10+00:00

You are welcome to contact us, we will be happy to help. You can contact us using the contact form that is accessed by clicking on Contact in the footer menu. If you prefer, you can click here to view the form now.


Activate an account to get access to free images, flash sales and more!

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